Thursday, September 1, 2011

I decided I didn't like February in Michigan

It just so happened that February, 2008 was, as usual, cold, gray, icy and snowy.  It was hard to walk in our neighborhood with unplowed, slippery streets and no sidewalks.  There was no sun to brighten the days, and cold wind discouraged all but necessary outings.  I seemed to get less and less fit and more and more depressed with each passing day.   Dog wasn't too happy either.

Adapting to cold dark and snowy Michigan

Why were we still here in dreary Michigan?  Well, DH (darling hubby) couldn't take time off.  A week in Dallas in January seemed to make February in Michigan even less tolerable.  What to do?  Since I am retired, I am actually free to go.  Hubby can come down for a visit or two during the month and it will be fun, right?

I started hunting for vacation rentals to take my mind off the weather. There are websites where you can search and find rentals for anyplace, for any size group, even pet friendly rentals. I looked for beach properties in Florida.  Aaah, with the pictures and sandy beach descriptions, I was happier.  I found a few places that I really liked, in Cocoa Beach and over on the Gulf in the Sarasota area.  This could work!  I actually decided to rent a place for the following February!  I narrowed the choices down to a place right behind RonJon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, when I suddenly learned, NO DOGS ON THE BEACH, just about anywhere in Florida.  Now, I have gotten serious about actually renting a spot and spending the next February in the relative balminess of central Florida, but I don't need to spend extra for beach property if I can't walk my dog on the beach, right?

I found I could save many hundreds of dollars for the month if I didn't care if I was close to the beach.  Then this place jumped out at me, a Spanish villa in the Indian River City section of Titusville.

It was attractive, the price was right, but Titusville?  Whoever even heard of Titusville?  Time to study up on the place.  I found it is the heart of the Space Coast, right across from the Kennedy Space Center, and Ground Zero for launch junkies wanting a good place to watch shuttle and other rocket launches.  Not only that, it is right across from the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Playa Linda Beach, miles of pristine, undeveloped, uncrowded beaches on the Atlantic.  There is lots of shopping and some nice restaurants, including the famous Dixie Crossroads,  plus it is minutes from Cocoa and less than an hour to Orlando.  Done!  I nabbed the place for the next February and settled down contentedly to weather the rest of my last February in Michigan.

Here is a link to Titusville's Visitor Portal that showcases the beautiful parks, museums and activities in the area.

Sneak preview:  I am just back from working on my new-to-me house in Titusville.   Lots of pix in the future posts.  How did this happen?  Story to follow.


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  2. Thank you! I plan to spend some time visiting St. Augustine in the next few months. I am particularly interested in Castillo San Marcos, the old Spanish fort, aka Fort Marion, where the American Indian war prisoners were kept, including Geronimo.

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